WE Arts

WE Arts is committed to building a strong arts presence and a sustainable creative economy in the West End. Our goal is to raise awareness and showcase the value of arts through community engagement.


Our core focus is to develop a vision to connect and support the artistic community that will unfold over several years. This will begin with a Community Arts Plan that provides framework and recommendations to realize these aims, followed by a physical launch of WE Arts, along with the established virtual presence of an official website.

We are intent on providing a vibrant arts experience throughout our neighbourhood, in the physical presence of events, through the creation of economic opportunities for artists, and through an effective central website for the arts in the West End. In doing so, we will invite participation and exploration of the creative experience, developing a closer sense of community and belonging, so break the bonds of isolation and loneliness that are so often endemic to urbanization and accelerated modern life. We will also celebrate the diversity and artistic excellence of our unique and vibrant downtown community. Our intent is to have the West End known and celebrated for the arts and the rich multiculturalism of our community.

The top 6 priorities for WE Arts are:
  1. Physical Arts Centre and Venues
  2. Public Art Displays in the West End
  3. Arts Festivals
  4. Artist Connection System (Website, Registry, Magazine)
  5. Temporary pop-up galleries in businesses, vacant spaces, community spaces indoors/outdoors, parks
  6. The need for affordable spaces to create and make public artistic production – from studios and rehearsal venues to live/work/rent spaces.

WE Arts